Sometimes you need to eat your veggies before you can have dessert mietvertrag maschinen kostenlos downloaden. This piece for H&R Block’s blog, Block Talk, isn’t particularly glamorous, but it is very useful. I like to share it because I think it’s a good indication of how technical topics can be made fun to read and easy to understand mediathek sendungen downloaden.

“The biggest thing that affects a [garbage] disposal’s life span is how often it’s used. A large family that cooks at home will need to replace the garbage disposal sooner than a bachelor who eats out.”

To present information about the average life expectancy of major home appliances, I did some research about warranties, common repairs and how often things get used around the house (I clocked a lot of time on Consumer Reports) kaspersky android kostenlosen. Then, my job was to take all that information and boil it down into something that anyone could digest and act on in their daily lives at home.


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October 21, 2013


This article was later quoted in a home guide on SFGate, the San Francisco Chronicle’s sister Website wo kann ich herr der ringe schlacht um mittelerde downloaden.