I blogged our wedding mädchen spiele gratis herunterladen. I didn’t, like… liveblog it, but I blogged throughout our engagement for Weddingbee about planning a wedding and all the things that come up between you and your betrothed as you’re getting ready to walk down the aisle. Amidst all the ado about tulle and budget troubles, this rose to the top as my favorite post spotify inhalteen.

“Most of us realize on an intellectual level that changing a name isn’t going to change who you are, but giving up your maiden name does feel like you’re giving up something of significance herunterladen. Maybe it’s your culture, or a connection to your immediate family, or the name on your degree. Or maybe you feel like you’re giving up on feminism in general.”

Taking my husband’s name was not a decision I took lightly herunterladen kostenlos herunterladen. I struggled with the idea for many months before deciding on a plan, and I wanted to share my thoughts in an essay that might help other women struggling with the same choice herunterladen. After all, it’s not just a name.


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May 1, 2014


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